In this era of world-class competition, it is critical that your sales efforts produce better results. This means taking advantage of every opportunity to be better than your competition. The smart way is to share information about your products and services that your current customers don’t know about! Most business owners are aware that even their most regular customers cannot name more than three of the products and services they offer, which means a huge lost opportunity cost!

Venue provides businesses with the most powerful marketing programs ever! Our unique call handling and on-hold message services are designed to let you take advantage of the only truly captive audience you have…people who call your business! From custom messages that upsell before your phone rings to on-hold messages and   afterhours marketing to those that call when you are closed, we transform your existing telephone into the Swiss Army Knife it was meant to be!


About Us


Since 1996 Venue has provided hundreds of customers with state-of-the-art marketing through custom message on-hold programs, call handling services and professional audio for their telephone systems.

What We Offer

Service Options

At Venue our clients enjoy total service because all productions are delivered to your telephone system via the internet, email or phone line. We handle everything! We value our customers and treat them like family.