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Venue offers the following services to our clients:

Message On Hold Service
Some companies that sell message on hold rely on cassette tape machines or CD players to deliver their services. The problems with these outdated methods are many including: Lost productions due to power outages, dull sound quality, moving parts and broken equipment, management of tapes and CD’s and more.

At Venue our clients enjoy total service because all productions are delivered via the fax line to our unique digital remote voice announcer which is attached to their telephone system. We handle everything!

Call Handler Service – The Call Handler provides three functions:
a It will answer client’s telephone and play information before it rings through to their telephone or act as a backup and answer after a predetermined number of rings then automatically place caller on hold.
b The Call Handler includes Message On Hold Service, when callers are placed on hold; they will hear custom messages about client facility.
c The Call Handler has a built in clock that they program with client’s days and hours of operation. When client’s facilities are closed, the Call Handler will automatically answer their telephone professionally and play a night message.

Why is Venue’s remote technology a good thing?
(Case 1) On September 11, 2001 one of our clients, a chain of blood centers, called us with an emergency demand for blood types. Venue had that message playing at all of their locations within minutes!

(Case 2) A large tractor equipment company needed their messages changed immediately to reflect a name change. That message was changed within 5 minutes even though they are over 1000 miles away.

Message On Hold Clients tell us that we help them in one of the following four areas:
a Reducing their caller’s frustration while on hold.
b Increasing revenues by informing their callers about products/services they may not be aware of.
c Creating a professional image for their facility.
d Educating callers.

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