Interconnect Program

Today many telecommunication companies are vying for the same marketshare. Venue has designed audio service programs to help your sales force make more sales by offering a more complete system.

Our programs are customized to fit with your company’s way of doing business. And because we can “private-label” our services, you’ll enjoy all the advantages of having an in-house production department without any investment.

Each program is structured to generate immediate revenue for you on new sales as it creates additional opportunities to market to your existing customer base.

Venue On-Hold

Make on hold work for you with our unique remotely loaded, fully digital service. At Venue, we provide world-class customer service and support. Once the sale is made, we work directly with your client to write their script and produce their productions. Once the production is completed, it is delivered remotely from our studios in Navarre, Florida. Our service is 100% turn-key…we take care of everything. All Venue clients are automatically informed 30 days prior to a scheduled update being due. And because we load updates remotely, your technicians won’t have to be burdened with needless and costly return visits. All of our digital equipment is warranted for life, and if there is a malfunction, we will replace the equipment free of charge within 24 hours of the call.

Voice Prompts For ACD, Voice Mail, PBX and Hosted VOIP Systems

It used to be that voice prompts were left to be recorded by the technician or receptionist. With our prompt service your clients can enjoy a truly professional image. With numerous voice talents available, your clients are ensured of having a pleasing, clear and credible sounding voice. With our customer service database we archive all scripts for easy editing when new employees are added. So whether your client needs an ACD announcement or automated attendant messages you can rest assured that as a “Venue Partner” you’ll enjoy a happier customer and healthier profits.

In this era of world class competition you now have a means available to increase your market share while enhancing your company’s image. Let Venue show you how.

For more information, please contact us at 850-939-7179 and ask about the Interconnect Partnership Program