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Message On Hold Service

Your business may have a hosted VOIP system, meaning you have phones but no central control or brain in your office such as Cox, Ring Central, Comcast, Broadvoice, Vonage, Grass Hopper, etc.

Your business may have an “onsite” VOIP system with phones and a central control box or brain located in your business, such as Allworx, Avaya Office, Shore-Tel, Digium, etc.

You may have an older telephone system with phones and an onsite control box / PBX (usually located in a closet) such as Avaya, Toshiba, Samsung, AT&T, NorTel, Comdial, etc.

Our service works perfectly with all the above. In fact, we can help your business regardless of the type  of system you have. Even if it is simply a cell phone!

Some companies that offer message on-hold service are only interested in a one-time sale relying on CD players to deliver their services. The problems with these outdated methods are many including: Lost productions due to power outages, dull sound quality, moving parts and broken equipment, delayed message changes, management of CD’s and more.

At Venue our clients enjoy total service because all productions are delivered to your telephone system via the internet, email or phone line. We handle everything! We value our customers and treat them like family. That’s why many are still with us over 20 years!

Why is remote service a good thing?

(Case 1) On September 11, 2001, a chain of blood centers called us with an emergency demand for blood types. Venue delivered and had that message playing at all of their locations within minutes!

(Case 2) A large tractor equipment company needed their messages changed immediately to reflect a name change. That message was changed within 5 minutes even though they are over 1000 miles away.

Message On Hold Clients tell us that we help them in one of the following four areas:

  • Reducing their caller’s frustration while on hold.
  •  Increasing revenues by informing their callers about products/services they may not be aware of.
  • Creating a professional image for their facility.
  •  Educating callers.

Lost Opportunity Calculator

Statistics indicate that 70% of all calls are put on hold for an average of 30 to 40 seconds each.

Further surveys have shown that 12% to 20% of callers made a purchase they heard about from an on-hold advertisement.

To help you understand the potential increase in business for your business, complete the following information.

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Call Handler Service

The Call Handler provides three functions:

  • It will answer your calls and play information before it rings through to your telephone or act as a backup and answer after a predetermined number of rings then automatically place caller on hold.
  • The Call Handler includes message on-hold service, when callers are placed on hold, they will hear your custom messages.
  • When your business is closed, the Call Handler will automatically answer your telephone professionally and play a night marketing message. Imagine being able to promote and sell even while you are closed!

Voice Prompt Service

Over the years, some of our customers have been sold new telephone systems by vendors leaving them with terrible auto attendants that make it impossible for their callers to reach anyone. Many have phone trees that are too long causing their callers to hang up, costing their business untold thousands of dollars in loss! We often fix these problems by reworking their call flow and even provide new professional voice prompts breaking the dam of lost opportunity!

Don’t leave your image in the hands of a sales person, telephone technician or your I.T. department! Upgrading your telephone system creates many new opportunities to improve your image and increase sales. Some make the mistake of letting those with no marketing experience record their voice prompts. Even worse are those with an ex-employee’s voice greeting callers!

Our voice prompts are produced in our state-of-the-art recording studios using the same professional voice talent that is used for your on-hold messages. This creates continuity and branding for your image.

Our voice recordings sound perfect over any phone system, whether yours is a hardware PBX, VOIP or Virtual PBX. That’s why we are the top choice in voice prompts for government agencies and private businesses nationwide!

Marketing Toolkit

Do you struggle deciding what to do to market your business? Do you need fresh ideas, direction or proven examples to follow? Are you looking to promote and market your business but simply don’t have the time? We can help!

Venue’s Marketing Toolkit is a complete suite that includes all of our services as well as direct mail and social media campaigns, content marketing, monthly newsletters and ongoing monthly coaching calls with an inner circle group of business owners, CEO’s and presidents.

Imagine hiring your own marketing team committed to championing your business. We take on a very small number of clients under this model to ensure we spend significant time brainstorming, consulting, designing, and delivering marketing that will help your business grow. It is incredible what you can do when you have a team behind you!

Cloud Based VOIP Telephone Systems

Over the years we have worked with every type of telephone system out there. Many times, our customers have suffered after purchasing a new telephone system with the downtime caused by bad programming, poorly trained employees and lost calls. Many have lost countless dollars due to frustrated customers not being able to get through and hanging up.

We decided to do something about it!

We have partnered with Ingram Micro enabling us to offer cloud services including Ring Central hosted business telephone systems to our customers. These amazing telephone systems are completely scalable to fit your company and include softphone and smartphone apps for remote employees, e-faxing, virtual meetings, voicemail, call recording, conferencing, instant messaging and more. In fact, these systems often save our clients money over what they are paying now!